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Improve Your Health Quotient

At Entity, our next generation nutraceuticals are a powerful combination of ground-breaking science and the very best extracts nature has to offer. Manufactured under stringent conditions, our pioneering health products work to increase your quality of life by delaying the development of chronic illnesses and disabilities. Entity – look forward to your best years.

How We’re Different

Through world-leading innovation, new formulations and a breakthrough delivery system, Entity combines science and nature’s extraordinary offerings to improve the human body.

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    Backed by Science

    Entity is science based: developed by leading experts in medicine, pharmacy, drug delivery and nutrition who have researched the latest scientific findings to offer you the next generation nutraceuticals.

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    Condition Specific

    Entity delivers essential best-in-class nutraceuticals unique to your condition. We do not believe in a one-for-everything supplement. Every product is tailored to a specific need and is designed to achieve its one targeted purpose.

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    Feel the Change

    We harness the best of science and nature to promote complete cellular rejuvenation from the inside out, all so you can feel tangible improvements.

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    Patented Delivery

    Our revolutionary WaferiXTM technology ensures that active ingredients in our LumeniXTM products are delivered to your body effectively and rapidly. That’s how we deliver outstanding results that no others can. Find out more here.

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    Quality Assured

    All of our products are manufactured in a TGA and cGMP compliant facility in Victoria, Australia.